Friday, December 16, 2011

I live (and work) so I can travel

Traveling has become a passion of mine. There isn't a time when I'm not planning my next vacation, sometimes even the next two or three. And when I'm not planning a vacation, I'm daydreaming about one, either one I've had or one I plan to take. Or, I'm reading about other people's travels (usually in books, but I'm beginning to discover all the blogs).

My traveling didn't really begin until after college. A best friend's sister moved across the country from us (who also happened to be a very good friend of mine), and we decided we'd drive to see her. I fell in love with road trips. I have visited 47 continental states (oh Ohio, how you escape me!). I have been to almost all of the National Parks. I have loved seeing so much of our country, and I feel completely lucky that we have such a variety of places accessible to us.

Only two years ago was I finally able to afford an overseas trip. Out of necessity, I went on my own. I fell in love with solo traveling, and now I do it by choice. So far, I have only been to two other countries (Italy and Spain), but I plan to visit many, many more.

The way I travel has changed over time, with each trip, as I learn and also as I grow. I have kept some type of journal while traveling ever since my first road trip - I enjoy reliving the experiences through words; they help me conjure up images I never took (or could take) with my camera.

So, why did I decide to start sharing with you? Well, I guess I decided I have something worth sharing. Maybe it's a new way of travel. Maybe it's suggestions of where to eat in a new city. Maybe it's something you would have forgotten to pack. So, hopefully, you find something here that you can take with you. :)

Happy Journey,

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