Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Tropical Birthday Vacation!!! - U.S.V.I. Part 4

January 21, 2013
This morning we got up early; actually, I always get up early when I’m camping. It’s something about the sun rising and being outdoors that really makes me want to start the day. And when your plans involve the most popular beach on the island, it’s an especially good idea. We arrived at Trunk Bay around 9:00 am, and we had it mostly to ourselves, which provided unobstructed views and a peaceful tranquility. (I think these are the best conditions for enjoying nature.) We were able to choose our “perfect” spot on the nearly empty beach, but our solitude didn't last long; as more and more people arrived, their towels and loud voices inevitably encroached. On beaches, you must relinquish the concept of personal space. All the beaches on St. John are beautiful, but in our opinion, this one is the nicest (except for the crowds). We spend hours basking in the sun, baking to a crispy pinkish hue, and regretting not applying sunscreen sooner.

We walk in the soft, white sand and swim in the sea. The waves are a little choppy today, making the visibility of the reef murky. There are plenty of colorful fish, but it’s mostly barren of living coral. 

I’m actually getting better at my cold shower routine - yay! - but the trickling stream has nowhere near enough pressure to rinse the sand out of my hair that I acquired when a wave knocked me down and dragged me through the sandy surf. I scratch my head all night, grit lodging beneath my fingernails and sandruff sprinkling onto my tank top.

We drive into Cruz Bay for the evening and meander around a bit, finding a good spot to watch the sunset, having a drink at St. John’s Brewery Tap Room - some of the best root beer I’ve ever had! At Gecko Gazebo, a tiny outdoor bar, I try the Chocolate Banana Bushwacker, a frozen concoction of seven liquors mixed with fresh banana and chocolate syrup. It’s yummy - and effective.

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