Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Tropical Birthday Vacation!!!...has a bumpy beginning - U.S.V.I Part 1

January 18, 2013
We’ve just boarded our fourth and final plane, on our way to Virgin Islands National Park. This park is located on St. John, an island in the Caribbean. Since it is my goal to visit every American National Park, I am obligated to include this park as well, located in U.S. territory. I could think of worse things than escaping to a tropical island in the middle of winter.... And I’m so excited! This is the first time I’ll have ever traveled on my birthday, which is on Sunday, not to mention the first time of actually being warm on my birthday. As someone that has definitely grown a strong distaste for chilly temperatures, this is a special treat. (Oh yeah, and I get to check a national park of my list.)
Settling into our seats, Nick comments how smoothly our travels have been, considering we’ve already taken three flights today (Austin to Dallas, Dallas to Houston, Houston, to Miami, and now Miami to St. Thomas). Fast forward not even five minutes. The captain makes an announcement that the airplane has a mechanical issue. Fast forward another hour. The captain makes an announcement that it’s now too late to fly to St. Thomas airport, and our entire flight is rescheduled for 6:00am the following morning. Mojitos, anyone?

Sad faces because we're stuck in Miami. :(

Instead of mojitos and a first-class Cuban meal, we’re treated to a shuttle to Comfort Inn (where we feel as if we’ve entered a time warp back to the seventies) and vouchers to their buffet. It was a sad, dismal looking buffet, and I never would have paid to eat there, but I was starving. So I ate my tilapia and chunks of pork, and it wasn’t half bad. (And the brownies were actually good. All two and a half of them. I probably would have eaten more, but I only brought two back to our room.) You need to find the bright spots in moments like these. Oh, and a travel tip: If you ever find yourself in this situation: ask about your hotel options. The next morning, we discovered they also provided vouchers to Double Tree, which is a much nicer hotel.

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